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The Gürtelmanufaktur Fronhofer is a family owned belt manufacturer from Bavaria, Germany. 
We are specialized in sophisticated belt manufacturing since more than 30 years. 

These 3 principles build the foundation of our business:


  1. Quality and Sustainability: We just use real, high quality leather. Our leather is produced in Italy and Germany. To an increasing degree, we use naturally tanned leather in eco quality. For your, our and our planet´s health.
  2. Sophisticated Design: Our Italian-Munich-Berlin network of established as well as young & progressive designers assure impeccable taste. With our products, you can dress timeless or creative individualistic. You are never wrong with our design!
  3. Professional Service: The customer´s need is at the centre of our efforts. We try to satisfy your fashion needs. We will solve every problem. Quick&friendly.


FRONHOFER Belts history


We are a family enterprise, whose origin lies in the 70s cultural district "Schwabing" of the city Munich. The attention to unusual and individual design of the then young designer Mara met with her husbands traditional understanding of value and quality, derived from an old entrepreneurial family: Fronhofer.

Together they quickly developed a thriving company with inspirational roots in the United States, Mexico and Italy.

Today, the company continues in the second generation. But our principles remain the same: FRONHOFER Belts produces with unusual and individual design, made of high quality materials, environmentally friendly and resource-optimized manufactured in Germany. Accessories with style and soul!

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