We wanted to make the best belts you can buy!

The formula: Best FULLGRAIN LEATHER & genuine stainless steel buckles.

Material Matters!

Best Patina® stainless steel, brass & titanium buckles:

Unbreakable, mechanically stable, stainless, indestructible, hypoallergenic, corrosion resistant.

This is also SUSTAINABILITY: a product that lasts for decades, manufactured in an environmentally friendly way and contains no plastic or other toxins.


It was not easy to find or produce these buckles. You do not believe us? 99,9% of all belt buckles are made of ZAMAK. Optimal for fashionable articles, but not for decades of use.

Time Matters!

Best Patina® leather takes time: days instead of hours in the tanning barrel. The result is an extraordinarily robust yet soft leather.

In addition, people and the environment are spared because vegetable tanning agents are used instead of chrome.

Ladies and gentlemen, you will not find a better leather!

Not all leather is the same.

Best Patina® leather is chrome-free, vegetable-tanned fullgrain leather, environmentally friendly produced in Germany with a natural skin structure (natural mill grain) and intensive greasing. Stable (approx. 4 mm thick) but still supple.

Flexibility Matters!

Change the buckles or straps as you like! Our extra strong, nickel-free industrial snaps from Italy make it possible.

Best Patina® 4 cm (1.57 inch)

Best Patina® 3,5 cm (1.37 inch)

Best Patina® 3 cm (1.18 inch)

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